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Who We Are

Aviva Natural Supplements is a trusted contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and vitamins. We specialize in customizing formulas per customer needs. We have extensive sourcing expertise, production capabilities, and vast experience in formulation. Aviva operates on a turnkey basis—from product development to production and packaging.

What We Do

Aviva Natural Supplements' UL GMP certified facility is centrally located in New Brunswick, NJ. We manufacture & package capsules, tablets, powder blends and liquids. We offer turnkey solutions for your contract manufacturing needs helping you integrate your operations.

We work with brands across the globe, including USA, UK, Europe, Canada. Our extensive sourcing expertise, production capabilities, quality control and experience in formulation. With the added bonus of a quick turnaround time we have cemented our position as a reliable partner that brands trust.

Aviva Natural Supplements is the exclusive distributor of Nutriventia products in USA. We are aligned with their business ethics of providing branded ingredients backed with research and testing.

Aviva is the exclusive distributor of Nutriventia products in USA

We were guided through with complete transparency.

"Aviva has helped us formulate our now top-selling herbal supplement. We were guided through the entire process with complete transparency. Our product has consistent good reviews. We’re glad that we teamed up with Aviva."

Aviva manufactured and shipped the product in record time!

"We were in a bind with our product being on the verge of going out of stock on Amazon, but Aviva helped us by expediting the manufacturing and shipping of the product in record time. Thank you, Aviva!"

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